Caleigh’s Story

My name is Caleigh Hunter and I am the founder of Heels In Harmony.  

My dance story begins at a very young age as I danced my way out of the womb and began to take classes at the age of six. By the age of ten I was in many classes and was part of the Peninsula Young Performers Company at Allegro Performing Arts Center in Victoria when I began competing. I began to tap at the age of twelve and discovered I was right all along; dance was my passion, my home, my soul. I continued dancing in Victoria until the age of 18, and then decided to embrace my travel bug. My travels took me across the UK and Europe, Asia, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. During my five years of travel I continued dancing in studios, hostels, sidewalks, and anywhere I could, as I explored new places, faces, and thoughts. I returned to beautiful Victoria in 2011 and am now teaching group fitness and dance, and studying at the Center for Sport and Exercise Education.

I truly believe that dance can be a stepping stone in moving towards physical literacy, emotional well being, and overall health. Dance can be a wonderful tool used in any culture to help children build confidence through performing, creativity and imagination through choreography, body awareness through movement, and physical literacy through activity. Dance has the ability to change a child’s life.
As many young dancers grow out of their shoes quickly, I feel it is important to spread the passion of dance and pass these much loved shoes on to a new dancer. My hope is that one more child will put on a pair of dance shoes and know they have found an escape, a passion, and a way of life.

With the support of dance studios, recreation centers, businesses, and beautiful dancers, I am able to collect used and new dance shoes and send them on to dancers in need.

We are always looking for shoe donations; contact me if you have any questions about where the drop off bins are located.

We are also always looking for studios, communities, or organizations that are in need of these much loved shoes. If you know of a place that could use some shoes please contact me and together we can help spread the passion.

Thank you for your support and happy dancing!


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