Dance Expo 2015

Oct. 10. 15

The dance year is in full swing! Dance Expo 2015 is back! I am happy to be a part of this amazing and growing convention again this year. I will be leaving a blue bin at the convention for you to drop off any used dance shoes that you want to donate to a dancer in need! H.I.H. collects shoes of all sizes and styles, and right now we are in hopes of finding some tap shoes to donate to a local school dance program!

Thank you for your help and support, and enjoy your classes at Dance Expo!
A bin for the lovely donated shoes!


Looking back, and moving forward

Jan. 1. 2015

Another year is here. Thank you again to everyone who has helped make 2014 such a great year.

Here is what HIH was up to in 2014

  • The first few months of the year were full of donations and help from local businesses and dancers on Vancouver Island.
  • HIH sent brand new ballet slippers to the students at a studio in need in Virginia, USA. Ellswear Dance and Activewear from Victoria donated the ballet shoes, and the students in Virginia were able to fund-raise in order to pay for the shipment of the shoes. This was a big milestone for HIH as the recipient students were heavily involved in the process.
  • HIH received a donation of beautiful Flamenco shoes. In September at the start of a new dance season, they were donated to “Flamenco Dane in Nanaimo”, which delivers Flamenco dance to the upper and lower island.
  • The final donation of the year was made to Dunsmuir Middle School Dance Academy in Victoria. The dance program, which delivers many different styles and focuses on skill development and performance, received tap shoes for their growing dancers.

The recipients this year were close to home, and I was so pleased to see the involvement of the recipient dancers from the various places that received the much loved shoes. Thank you to everyone who helped, donated, spread the word, organized, promoted, and supported. Without the support of local dancers and businesses, and those studios from afar, Heels In Harmony would not be able to support dance in the way that it does. Happy New Year, and I am so excited to see what 2015 will bring!

Happy Dancing, Caleigh

Thankful for Tap

Nov. 5. 14

The dance year is well under way now. Over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I was in touch with the director of the Dunsmuir Middle School Dance Academy in Victoria. No donation is too small, and Dunsmuir Middle School only needed 10 more pairs of shoes in order to fill their class with tap sounds. The Academy offers many different styles, and focuses on skill development and performance. The Academy is for students in grades 7-9 who want to expand their dance training. These students attend dance class on a regular basis, and have the opportunity to participate in workshops, competitions, and performances. Thank you to those who have donated their tap shoes to HIH, your shoes are being danced by students who, just like you, love to dance!



Flamenco shoes find a good fit

Sept 22. 14

A few months back, Ellswear in Victoria (click for Ellswear website)  donated some beautiful Flamenco shoes. I had put out a few feelers for any studios that may be able to use these gorgeous shoes, but could not find the right fit. I decided to leave it over the summer and see what the new dance season would bring.

Just one week prior to the dance season kicking off, I was walking downtown Victoria when I noticed the Flamenco Festival! I was amazed at the beauty, grace, and power that the dancers exhibited, and I felt an ache for the lovely shoes that were sitting in a box ready to be danced in. I spoke to a few different people and they all led me to the same person.

After a few emails, the shoes had a found a new home, “Flamenco Dance in Nanaimo” (Click to connect with them on facebook). I was so glad to find a dance teacher who was spreading the passion of dance both on the lower and upper island, and I knew she would have the feet that these shoes needed. I met her on a lovely Friday morning to pass along the shoes, and was greeted by a beautiful and gracious woman who accepted the shoes with enthusiasm. I am so happy to say that the shoes have found a new home, and they are ready to be danced in with beauty, grace, and power!

shoes all ready to go!

Start of a new season!

Sept. 7. 14

The dance year is here! Already the summer is over and  feet are swarming the studios! This summer I was fortunate enough to attend workshops, classes, and festivals, and danced with dancers from all over. As the sun begins to set earlier, and the smell in the air gets a bit crisper, I am excited to see what the 2014/15 dance year will bring!

If you have any shoes that you or your little dancer just can’t squeeze your toes into, please donate them to another dancer in need. Contact H.I.H. for information on where drop off and pick up locations are, or if you know of a studio in need this season please let us know!

Happy Dancing!

Year End Shoes

May 14. 14

Hard to believe it’s Recital time already! It’s the time of year where dancers see all of their hard work pay off, and where lost and found bins overflow with old dance shoes!

If you or your studio (on the lower island)  have any shoes that you are able to donate as the dance year comes to a close please let Heels In Harmony know! I will come to your studio to pick them up anytime :) Thank you for sharing your passion of dance with another dancer!

We Have Ballroom Shoes

April 22. 2014


Shoe delivery in time for new dance season!

April 15. 13

Well the new year is well on its way! It hard to believe its already April and competition season is here!

Over the Christmas holiday I had put out a call for ballet shoes for a studio in need in Virginia. Ellswear dance and activewear was able to donate all brand new ballet slippers for this project. I was so grateful to be able to send brand new shoes to the dancers in Virginia. I was in contact with a wonderful and inspiring woman at Kainos Dance who expressed that her dancers were in need of dance shoes. She used this opportunity not only to acquire the footwear for the dancers but to teach a lesson. Hard work pays off and community building is important. I had told her that I would send the ballet shoes in the mail and that the shipping would be very minimal since the shoes were so light. We talked about how we would get the payment, I could raise the money here through an event perhaps…but she had a brilliant idea. She would get the kids to raise the money there. That way when the shoes arrived they would be paying for them. Yes it would only equal about $3 per pair, but they would have the pride of knowing they made it happen. Dancers from another city cared about them and would send them shoes, and in exchange they would work hard and raise the money for the shipment. Dancers helping dancers make it happen. I was so happy to see the initiative that the kids made and appreciated the help that Kainos Dance did in making the opportunity happen.
Thank you to all who donated, thank you to Ellswear for the amazing shoes, and thank you to Kainos dance for teaching us all a lesson in dance community.



Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Jan 3. 14

The New Year has begun! Thank you to everyone who helped make 2013 a fun and successful year.

Here is the year in review:

  • In March Heels In Harmony was featured in the Victoria News Arts section. The article helped to promote the cause–sharing the passion of dance. After publication, studios in our own community reached out for help which we were able to send, thanks to your donations.
  • April 21st was the day that dancers from around Victoria met for a flashmob in support of International Dance Day. Alongside other dancers across the Country we danced up a storm–literally. You can watch us dancing in the rain on the “home” page.
  • May was donation month. I had the pleasure of going to Stelly’s Secondary School and donating used and new ball room, tap, character, and hip hop shoes. All of these shoes will be used in the School’s free dance and musical theatre programs. I was also able to head over to Vancouver and drop off a bin full of tap shoes to Vancouver Tap Dance Society. These shoes will be used for their youth and young adult outreach programs.
  • August brought on another Flashmob. This time as part of the Integrate Arts Festival in Victoria. A small and mighty group of dancers surprised the art go-ers in a small gallery downtown Vic.
  • In Late Aug/September I had the pleasure of going to the Portland Metro Arts Studio in Oregon. I was met by Nancy, the owner, and she was full of passion, excitement, and gratitude. Because of you, PDX metro arts received 91 pairs of ballet and tap shoes! This was our largest donation of 2013.
  • Vancouver Tap Dance Society received 37 pairs of tap shoes in November. After an unfortunate event ruined many of their shoes, I was happy to be able to donate some in order to help keep their tap school programs progressing. Thank you for your help in making that happen.
  • December brought a Christmas wish of ballet slippers. This studio will be receiving their shoes in 2014 for their outreach programs.

Overall 2013 was amazing! So many donations came in and so many donations went out. I am so grateful for everyone who donated, spread the word, carried the boxes, shipped the parcels, donated their time, and helped spread the passion of dance. This year all donations were done with out any cost to the recipients, or the project. A project with no money involved- now that is amazing!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


A holiday wish for shoes!

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